Building Technology

Think about the number of steps you take in a single day.  I wouldn’t even want to start counting mine and I mostly walk from my car to work and back.  What if we could harness the power of those steps into an energy source?  That is exactly the question Laurence Kembell-Cook sought to answer when he developed his “Pavegen” tile.

The top of this tile is made from 100% recycled rubber from old tires, and the base is made of 80% recycled materials.  The tiles are durable enough to be used in an outdoor environment, and are even waterproof.  When walked upon, the tile flexes and captures the kinetic energy from the step and stores the energy in a lithium polymer battery or is converted into 2.1 watt-hours of electricity.  If installed in a heavily trafficked area, the tiles will convert enough kinetic energy to power area lighting, signage…

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