Astronomy Events – July 2013


by yaska77

It’s been an incredibly frustrating first half of the year. Evening conditions have seen cloud more often than not, and even clear days have been followed by hazy nights.  But a new month is upon us and we’re eager to get our telescopes dusted off and in use again, so come back often and hopefully we’ll have had the chance to get some lovely new images for you!

Now behold yet another new month of skybound beauties to bring wonder to your evenings!

Tuesday 2nd July – Ex-planetPluto is at Opposition in Sagittarius

Friday 5th July – Today the Earth is at Aphelion, the furthest point out in it’s orbit from the Sun (at a distance of 152 million kilometres or 94.5 million miles)

Sunday 7th July – The Moon is at Apogee today at a distance of 406,490 km (252,581 miles), the farthest point out…

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