Astronomy Events – November 2013


by yaska77

November is one of the best months for stargazing in my opinion.  It’s not so freezing your fingers fall off but the air is cold enough for good seeing conditions, it’s dark already when you get home from work so you can get your gear set up nice and early, and there’s usually quite a bit happening in the always familiar but ever changing night sky over our heads.

We had some mixed weather for October (mostly bad but the good nights we had were ruined by inconsiderate neighbours leaving their halogen garden lights on…) but as ever we hold out hope for November.

So with that in mind, for your delectation below we have itemised some astronomical awesomeness for you to ogle.  So get out there and keep watching the skies!

Friday 1st November – Planet Venus is at Greatest Eastern Elongation and will be visible low…

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