Astronomy Events – February 2014


by yaska77

Well January seems to have passed in a flash! Unfortunately the much reported terrible weather we’ve had in Britain has meant we’ve been afforded no chance whatsoever to get any astronomy done, and have had to content ourselves with a triple dose of Stargazing LIVE and images sent to us on Twitter.

There are quite a few events in February that we’d like a close look at however, so we’re praying for some dry weather and clear skies to enable us to get back outdoors and reacquaint ourselves with the beauty of the heavens!

Below we’ve noted some astronomical points of interest for you to pick through, so get outside and keep watching the skies!

Saturday 1st February – Jovian moon Ganymede transits the disc of Jupiter this evening, which should provide a great sight through a telescope

Beginning around 19:00 UTC it will exit the planet’s limb…

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