Astronomy Events – May 2014


by yaska77

Now we’re talking, the weather is warming up nicely and hanging around outdoors for the evening is no longer the daunting (and chilly) prospect it was just a few months ago.

We admit we’ve not exactly flooded this blog with our images recently, but the impetus is there to rectify that soon so we’re busy cleaning our scopes and charging our camera batteries with an intensity rarely seen round these parts!

Joking aside while putting together the guide you see below we’ve already picked out some astronomical occurrences in May to get us back outside and observing again. We hope you can join us (metaphorically of course…) so keep watching the skies!

Sunday 4th May – The waxing crescent Moon is closely visited by gas giant Jupiter this evening. Look low down to the West around 21:00 UTC (22:00 BST)

Shown low down to the West at 21:00 UTC (22:00 BST) Jupiter has the waxing crescent Moon for company after sunset (click to enlarge) - Credit: Sky-Watching/Stellarium Shown low down to the West at 21:00…

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