Astronomy Events – June 2014


by yaska77

So much of the year has passed already and we would be genuinely depressed at the lack of viewing opportunities we’ve had this year, if we weren’t so sickeningly optimistic!

June usually promises much opportunity for stargazing however, so we’ll keep our gear on standby and see what we can do about bringing you some more images and articles to get stuck in to!

As it always helps to have some handy info nearby when planning your observing schedule, below we’ve listed some interesting celestial occasions of note for the coming month. So get outside, crane your necks and keep watching the skies!

Sunday 1st June – This evening the thin crescent Moon can be viewed low down to the West after sunset, close to a bright Jupiter. A crescent Moon is always a great target for photographs, so if your western horizon is flat enough it’s worth…

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