Astronomy Events – July 2014


by yaska77

Summertime! Long days, short warm evenings, is there a better season to enjoy the night? This is the time of year to have friends round for a barbecue during the day, then fire up the chimenea for a little warmth and light and stay outside long into the night, under a blanket of twinkling stars. Perfect!

But what is there for you to see? There’s always something worth craning your necks for in our ever changing night sky, and whether you’re just an occasional Moon watcher or a more avid amateur astronomer, we’ve listed below a little something for everyone in our monthly astronomy guide for July.

Keep watching the skies!

Tuesday 1st July – Now is probably the best time of year to watch out for noctilucent clouds, which sometimes appear low down in the northwest (after sunset) and northeast (just before sunrise)

Noctilucent clouds as captured over Sweden (click to enlarge) – Credit: P-M Hedén Noctilucent clouds as captured over Sweden (click to enlarge) –…

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