Astronomy Events – October 2014


by yaska77

The nights are certainly closing in quickly now, and although that confirms summer is most definitely over it also means more hours of darkness for astronomy and sky-watching!

There are some nice events this month to get you outdoors, but if all else fails the annual Orionid meteor shower nearly coincides with the new Moon, so skies should be nice and dark so get out looking for those shooting stars! If the clouds stay away that is…

Keep watching the skies!

Wednesday 1st October – This evening the Moon can be seen at First Quarter phase

Monday 6th October – The Moon is at Perigee today at a distance of 362,480 km (225,235 miles), the closest point of its orbit to the Earth

Tuesday 7th October Uranus is at Opposition in the constellation Pisces today, so will rise at sunset and set at sunrise. If you’re trying to spot it though it…

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